Wesley 4 Winona Spotlight: Polish Cultural Institute & Museum

Around 6,000 Polish immigrants from the Kashubia region of Poland came to the Winona area in the late 1870s.  With the passing of several generations, the items brought over by these immigrants were in danger of being lost or discarded, and so the Polish Museum came into being in the 1970s. This endeavor was made possible by current museum executive director Rev. Paul Breza’s purchase of a historic building in the heart of Winona, which was renovated by volunteers over a six-year period.

Much more than a collection of artifacts, the Polish Museum preserves and celebrates Winona’s Kashubian Polish traditions through exhibits, support of exchange programs, observance of holidays, and the annual Smaczne Jablka (Apple Day) festival. 

The yearly celebrations and festivals, which are the main source of revenue for the Polish Museum, have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Like many other non-profits, the Polish Museum is facing Covid-related challenges. The yearly celebrations and festivals, which are the main source of revenue, have been cancelled. In addition, 2020 was going to be the “Year of the Poles,” with many activities lined up in cooperation with the City of Winona and Poland. These activities have been cancelled as well.

In recognition of the museum’s mission, we are pleased to support this organization as a recipient of our Wesley 4 Winona campaign.

How to give to The Polish Cultural Institute & Museum :

  1. Personal Check:  send in your check via mail to the church (114 W. Broadway).  Note the organization and amount on that check. 
  2. Vanco:  you can either go into your Vanco account and use the new Wesley 4 Winona category or contact Edie Davis and she can do it for you.
  3. Bill Pay: email Edie Davis to inform her what portion of your Bill Pay payment is designated for Wesley 4 Winona.