Wesley 4 Winona Spotlight: Winona County Historical Society

Founded in 1935, the Winona County Historical Society is dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and interpretation of materials that document the human history of Winona County. During non-Covid times, the WCHS holds a variety of educational and social events for the Winona community and enjoys the support of over 1,400 members and 60 active business supporters.

The Winona County Historical Society was founded in 1935.

Like many other non-profits, the WCHS  is facing Covid-related challenges. The museum was closed to the public for three months, with many employees put on furlough or reduced hours. With the cancellation of summer river tours, exhibits, facility rentals, and more, the organization suddenly found itself without important sources of revenue,

In recognition of the WCHS’s mission, we are pleased to support this organization as a recipient of our Wesley 4 Winona campaign.

How to give to the Winona County Historical Society :

  1. Personal Check:  send in your check via mail to the church (114 W. Broadway).  Note the organization and amount on that check. 
  2. Vanco:  you can either go into your Vanco account and use the new Wesley 4 Winona category or contact Edie Davis and she can do it for you.
  3. Bill Pay: email Edie Davis to inform her what portion of your Bill Pay payment is designated for Wesley 4 Winona.   

Wesley 4 Winona is a Covid-related ministry that encourages and celebrates the work of local non-profits who do so much to help our community. This ministry was borne of a desire to embrace our neighbor and to be others-centered in our faith and giving.