Wesley UMC Easter Service April 4, 2021

Order of Worship:  Easter Sunday

Welcome & Announcements

Opening Prayer – Isaac Hicks

Gathering Music: “What a Wonderful World/ Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” [v. 1-3] led by Eric Brisson, Norma Duden, Mary Stoltman and Melissa Wangen, Christian Sveen on trumpet

Children’s Moment

Special Music:   “The Tomb Is Empty Now” singers are Eric Brisson, Ruth Bures, Edie Davis, Norma Duden, Chris Jordan, Mary Stoltman, Andy Sveen, Beth Sveen, Spencer Sveen and Melissa Wangen

Scripture:  Mark 16:1-8 – Barb Rahn

Special Music:  “To Thine Be the Glory” Virtual Easter Choir of United Methodists worldwide


Invitation to the Table:  W&S #3105 “In Christ Alone” [v. 1,3-4] – Mary Stoltman

The Great Thanksgiving

Joys & Concerns

Prayers of the People & The Lord’s Prayer: “Jubilate Coeli” singers are Eric Brisson, Mary Stoltman and Melissa Wangen, flute – Kelsey Hicks, clarinets – Ruth and Frank Bures

Song:  W&S #3090 “The Easter Song” led by Eric Brisson, Edie Davis, Norma Duden, Mary Stoltman and Melissa Wangen


Postlude:  “Rejoice and Sing” – Jonelle Moore