Holy Humor Sunday: April 18, 2021

Order of Worship Welcome & Announcements Gathering Music: “O Happy Day that Fixed My Choice” - Eric Brisson Call to Worship Opening Song:  TFWS #2270 “He Has Made Me Glad” Opening Prayer – Ramona Metz Children’s Moment Holy Interruptions Scripture:  Luke 24:36b-48 – Diane Amundson Centering Image Message Holy Interruptions Song:  “Go...
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Wesley UMC Easter Service April 4, 2021

Order of Worship:  Easter Sunday Welcome & Announcements Opening Prayer – Isaac Hicks Gathering Music: “What a Wonderful World/ Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”  led by Eric Brisson, Norma Duden, Mary Stoltman and Melissa Wangen, Christian Sveen on trumpet Children’s Moment Special Music:   “The Tomb Is Empty Now” singers are Eric Brisson, Ruth...
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Wesley UMC Good Friday Service April 2 , 2021

Order of Worship:  Good Friday Stations of the Cross Call to Worship Special Music:  “Lament of the Cross” – Chris Jordan and Mary Stoltman Prayer of Confession Stations of Christ’s Passion #1 Garden of Gethsemane:  Matthew 26:36-41 #2 Jesus Is Arrested:  Mark 14:43-50 #3 The Sanhedrin Tries Jesus:  Luke 22:66-71 #4 Pilate Tries Jesus #5 Pilate Condemns...
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