Candlelight Request for Christmas 2020

Dropbox link for your videos. Instructions for candelight videos1.    Turn on record on your phone or computer (please hold phone in landscape).2.    Light your candle in a dark room3.    Turn toward your left and reach out with the candle.4.    Turn toward your right and reach out with the candle,5.    Face forward with the candle in front of you and smile. 6.    Send the...
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Family-Friendly At-Home Advent Wreath Devotions

Family Advent Wreath Devotions Week 1: Hope Talk about what “hope” means. “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.”  Isaiah 9:2 This week we light the Hope candle.  This candle reminds us that when things seem really dark, or scary, or we feel alone or afraid, we can remember God’s promise to always be with us.  In fact, the bible teaches us that...
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