Children’s Sunday School Ideas

Advent Ideas to Use At Home

This page has a wonderful collection of Advent resources. 

The orange that floats, and the orange that sinks

I would suggest making this “a-peeling” demonstration about “faith” being the peel that keeps us afloat in difficult times (like these). Here’s the YouTube video of it. What else keeps us afloat? Prayer, worship, not being self-centered, making good use of our time and circumstances rather than worrying.

How things “fly” and how our faith and “spirits” can be lifted by God’s Spirit

The Bernouli Effect is always fun to demonstrate. In this video, a ping pong ball and hair dryer are used. You can also use a leaf blower and try various balls. The science point is worth explaining because it explains how kites, bird wings, and airplanes work. The faith point is that we are to “live” in God’s spirit (spirit = wind, breath, moving force). God’s Spirit can also “lift our spirits.” And we can lift up each other.