Pastors’ Messages

Message from Jan. 23, 2022: “Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes.”
Message from Jan. 9, 2022: The Shovel in His Hands
Message from Jan. 2, 2022: Following the Star
Message from Nov. 14, 2021: Simplicity
Message from Nov. 7, 2021: Go with the Flow
Pastor’s Message Oct. 31, 2021: Removing the Stone
Message from Oct. 23, 2021: What do you want me to do for you?
Message from Oct. 10, 2021: Enough is Enough
Message from Sept. 26, 2021: The Meal
Pastor’s Message Sept. 19, 2021: The Table
Message from Sept. 5, 2021: The Promise
Message from Aug. 29, 2021: It Takes Practice
Message from Aug. 22, 2021: Not Just a House
Pastor’s Message from Aug. 15, 2021: Godly Wisdom
Message from Aug. 8, 2021: With Hope
Message from July 25, 2021: Hunger
Message from July 18, 2021: No Longer Strangers
Message from Dec. 13, 2020
Message from Feb. 7, 2021: Remember
Message from November 22, 2020: Lessons from Chess
Message from August 30, 2020 : Harbinger

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