Staying Healthy at Wesley

All of us are concerned about the coronavirus spread as well as the basic spread of the flu.  Wesley will be using best practices during our gatherings to ensure the maximum safety of our congregants.  Here are some immediate steps we will take:

  • Communion juice will be served in individual cups.
  • There will be plenty of hand sanitizer containers (Purell) in different locations in the church.  Please use them.
  • During the passing of the peace, we recommend smiles and elbow bumps over shaking hands and hugging.  This is a tough one, but we should all agree together not to extend the hand and that it is okay to tap elbows or just smile when you greet fellow worshipers.  We will make this public through announcements and printed reminders.  Our pastors will greet you with a warm smile at the end of the service, but no handshake—doesn’t mean we don’t love ya lots, because we do!