New Ministry: Wesley 4 Winona

Wesley UMC Mission and Outreach team is embarking on a New Ministry specifically to support our community as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

We are calling it “Wesley 4 Winona”!  

Phase One: A number of non-profit organizations have been selected from a long list of those focusing on disabilities, diversity, health issues, women and children, homeless, along with reading, the arts and music.  You will be hearing from each of them as to their mission and what their current or most critical needs are.

Wesley 4 Winona is calling on the congregation of Wesley to consider giving to those causes that speak to you and your family, on top of your regular giving to our church.  We will focus on a specific organization for two consecutive weeks before changing.  Our lofty goal is $300 per organization.

Since the purpose is to show them we care about the loss of income they have endured under the stay at home restrictions, we want to get the funds to them as soon as we can. Please watch the dates carefully in order for your giving to be included in the donation made to each entity.

Starting Here:  Home and Community Options (HCO) will kick off Wesley 4 Winona June 14-June 28!  For more information on what HCO does, what it needs, and who it serves, click here.

How to Give
Ways to give are, of course, different. Here are your options:

  1. Personal Check:  send in your check via mail to the church (114 W. Broadway).  Note the organization and amount on that check. 
  2. Vanco:  you can either go into your Vanco account and use the new Wesley 4 Winona category or contact Edie Davis and she can do it for you.
  3. Bill Pay: email Edie Davis to inform her what portion of your Bill Pay payment is designated for Wesley 4 Winona.   

Once we get this up and running smoothly we will go to Phase Two and Phase Three which are geared to help those in food service and small business owners.
~ Your Wesley 4 Winona Team:  Heather Carpenter, Melissa Wangen and Susan Althoff.