Wesley 4 Winona BINGO Card Now Available!

Wesley 4 Winona has a fun activity for members to participate in if they so choose.  We have put together a bingo card (see download link below) for use in supporting our local businesses now that they are reopening with limited hours and spacing.

This card is good for use from Sunday, July 5 until Friday, July 31.  Depending on the number of participants we will do drawings for $5 gift cards.  For those who choose to fill a card, we will have one larger item for the drawing at the end of the month.

Along with this activity Melissa Wangen has designed a card that you can hand out if you would like when shopping or eating or receiving a needed service.  They are a way to let our local business know that we care and promote Wesley UMC.  We have them in packages of 10 and they are available in our little library in front of the church.  Feel free to stop by a get a package of 10.  Remember to use safe practices when handing out.

When you have a card ready to shout Wesley 4 Winona (Bingo) you have scan it and email to Heather Carpenter at (wandhcarpenter@msn.com) or mail to her at 115 W Mill St. Winona, MN 55987.  You can get more bingo cards from Kari or Susan (oldhouse73@hbci.com).


  • Do not count Wesley or Winona and # 4 is free and doesn’t need any purchase.
  • Free Choice Spaces please purchase something of your choice.
  • Try to support the local or hometown independent shops but also a number of our establishments are franchised by local owners and large corporations hire local workers. Those living in other communities are welcome to support them.
  • When you have rows in any direction submit for a drawing.  Total covered card will be a separate drawing.
  • It would be nice if you can have the clerk or server put the x on your card, it shows others that we support them. They must use their own pen or pencil.
  • Optional: Hand out the card with the bible verse and Wesley’s name also.  Use safe practices when handing something to others.

If you are need assistance in coming up with names of places to patronize, we can give you some names of places to support.

Let the fun begin!

Heather Carpenter    Melissa Wangen     Susan Althoff

Click to download BINGO card and instructions:

BINGO Card (35 downloads)