Wesley 4 Winona Spotlight: Home & Community Options

As we kick off the Wesley 4 Winona ministry, we are first focusing on Home & Community Options (HCO) here in Winona. This outstanding organization provides support and residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities in the Winona area.

Due to COVID-19, their annual musical has been postponed, resulting in a huge loss in their fundraising — HCO will be missing out on the approximately $150,000 that this musical would be expected to raise.

It is our desire to reach out to valuable groups in our community and show them that Wesley cares.

How to give to Home & Community Options:

  1. Personal Check:  send in your check via mail to the church (114 W. Broadway).  Note the organization and amount on that check. 
  2. Vanco:  you can either go into your Vanco account and use the new Wesley 4 Winona category or contact Edie Davis and she can do it for you.
  3. Bill Pay: email Edie Davis to inform her what portion of your Bill Pay payment is designated for Wesley 4 Winona.