Wesley UMC Online Worship Palm Sunday from March 28, 2021

Order of Worship:  Palm Passion Sunday

Welcome & Announcements

Palm Processional:  #278 “Hosanna, Loud Hosanna” – led by Eric Brisson, Edie Davis, Norma Duden, Chris Jordan, Mary Stoltman and Melissa Wangen

Opening Prayer – Abby Russell

The Palm Scripture:  Mark 11:1-11 – Nate Dennis

Choral Anthem:   “The Palms” singers are Eric Brisson, Ruth Bures, Norma Duden, Chris Jordan, Mary Stoltman, Andy Sveen, Beth Sveen, Spencer Sveen and Melissa Wangen

Plot to Kill Jesus:  Mark 14:1-2 – Molly Miron

At Bethany:  Mark 14:3-9 – Norma Duden

Passover Meal:  Mark 14:10-21 – Kay Dailey

The Lord’s Supper:  Mark 14:22-26

Peter’s Promise:  Mark 14:27-31 – Vicki Decker

Song:  #290 “Go to Dark Gethsemane” [v.1]

Jesus Prays:  Mark 14:32-42 – Tara Sieracki

Jesus Is Arrested:  Mark 14:43-49 – Aly St.Onge

Jesus Is Questioned by the Council:  Mark 14:53-65 – Jeanne Nelson

Peter Denies Jesus:  Mark 14:66-72 – Mary Stoltman

Prayers of the People & The Lord’s Prayer:  TFWS #2209 “How Long, O Lord” [v.1-2]

Before Pilot:  Mark 15:1-5 – Rick Thorn

Song:  #291 “He Never Said a Mumbalin’ Word” [v.1] led by Eric Brisson

The Death Sentence:  Mark 15:6-15 – Sierra Hicks

Jesus Is Tortured:  Mark 15:16-21 – Rick Thorn

Special Music:  “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded” – Eric Brisson, Norma Duden, Robert Hicks, Chris Jordan, Mary Stoltman and Melissa Wangen

Jesus is Nailed to a Cross:  Mark 15:22-32 – Kelsey Hicks

The Death of Jesus: Mark 15:33-39 – Robert Hicks, video “Good Friday – Psalm 22” by The Work of the People

Song:  TFWS #2113 “Lamb of God” [v.1-2] led by Mary Stoltman and Melissa Wangen

Video:  “From Palms to the Cross” by The Work of the People

The Shrouding of the Cross:  “Are Ye Able” – Jonelle Moore

Closing of the Bible